Professional Supplier

Of Maize Mill and Wheat Mill
Hongdefa Machinery Provide you with professional services

Professional Supplier

Of Maize Mill and Wheat Mill
Hongdefa Machinery Provide you with professional services
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  • Hongdefa Flour Mill certification

Automatic Maize Mill and Wheat Mill

  • Over 40years of maize mill and wheat mill manufacturing experience
  • All raw materials used to make maize flour mill machines and wheat flour mill machines meet or exceed international food safety standards
  • Have SGS certificate, BV certificate, ISO9000, COC certificate, and other certificates, if you need, we will have various certificates
  • Hongdefa’s maize mill and wheat mill use electrical components such as Siemens and Schneider, and we will provide you lifetime after-sales service
  • Hongdefa has three branch offices in Africa, there are Zambia Office, Uganda Office, Ethiopia Office.

All Types of maize mill and wheat millto Support Your Project and Business

Hongdefa machinery and food processing industry has a history of nearly 40 years, with more than 3,000 customers distributed in different countries around the world, such as Africa, South America, Asia, and other places

We can provide different wheat mills and maize mills,  pre-cooking mills, or feed mills, which can grind soybeans, peanuts, rice, and other grains. Whether you want flour, grits, or other finished products, we can meet your requirements

Just send us your specific requirements, our senior engineers will also tailor the process drawings for you

  • HONGDEFA Flour mill workshop

Maize Mill and Wheat Mill Factory to Rocket Your Projects

And we have complete certificates, with certificates of origin, COC, SGS, BV, ISO and other certificates, and we can also provide you with the certificates you need according to your requirements

Why Hongdefa is Trusted by Global Leading Brand
Over 3000 Clients

Hongdefa factory
Nearly 40 years Mazie Mill And Wheat Mill Manufacturing Experience

Hongdefa has nearly 40 years experience in the fire door manufacturing, we can supply you any types of maize mill and wheat mill for your projects.

Hongdefa Various certificates
All Certification

Whether you need SGS certification, COC certification, ISO certification, or your country needs special certification, such as Kenya’s PVOC certification or Nigeria’s SONCAP certification, hongdefa can provide you with

Advanced Processing Equipment

Hongdefa have advanced processing equipment, laser cutting machines, welding robots, etc., to ensure the accuracy of equipment processing

Hongdefa team
Multiple Mechanical Experts

Hongdefa have 5 professor-level mechanical consultants, more than 20 senior engineers, and more than 100 workers

Hongdefa workshop
Products Are Distributed In Many Countries

Hongdefa Maize mill and wheat mill is distributed in more than 30 countries in Africa, South America, North America, and Asia.

Hongdefa branch office
Branch Office

Hongdefa have offices in Zambia, Uganda, and Ethiopia in Africa, which can provide you with very convenient services.

Who Use
Hongdefa Maize Mill And Wheat Mill

Professional Investor

If you want to invest in a flour processing plant of your own, Hongdefa can become your best supplier. You can choose from small capacity  mill first, and then change to larger flour mill after making a profit. Many of our customers are Chosen like this

Trading Company

If you are a Maize mill and wheat mill trading company, Hongdefa will 100% support your mid man business

Single Machine Need

If you need a stand-alone when building any other projects, you just need to send Hongdefa the detailed information, Hongdefa will provide you with a complete solution

Hongdefa flour mill factory in China

More Professional Manufacturers Pictures for
Hongdefa Machinery

maize mill workshop plan
Maize Mill Workshop Plan
maize mill Worker production chart
Maize Mill Worker Production Chart
maize mill processing line
Maize Mill Processing Line

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How about the Maize Mill and Wheat Mill Quality?

Top quality!

Moisture damper for adding water, stainless steel.

Conditioning middle bin, stainless steel.

All pipes in the flour system where contact with material,all stainless steel.

How about the Maize Mill and Wheat Mill Degerminating System ?

Use Japan degerminating system ,it scrub the bran from the maize kernel and to dislodge the germ from its cavity,with the minimum reduction in size of the broken fragment.

To ensure wheat flour and maize flour super white!

Does the Whole System Need Water ?

Yes, before milling the maize, should put the water to the maize, and let the maize sleep in the bin for some time, it will be easily to take the skin and germ out of the maize.

Can we put Vitamin Adding Machine for Maize Mill and Wheat Mill?

Sure! As some local market or government request,we can equip the vitamin adding machine to put some elements inside like vitamin A,B,C,iron etc. That is more satisfactory.

How about the Packing Machine?

The auto packing machine can pack different size bags, like 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 25kg, 50kg etc.

10-25kg auto-packing for 10kg,12.5kg,20kg,25kg etc.

25-50kg auto-packing for 25kg,30kg,50kg etc.

High precision and easy operate. Just need one worker to put on the bags. The machine will detect weight automatically,measure no. of bags automatically and fill automatically.

After pay the Advance Payment, How Long Time for the Delivery?

Two to three months delivery time normally.

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