200T per day popular Automatic Wheat Grinding Machine with PLC control system.

1. Capacity: processing wheat 200tons per 24hours wheat milling plant with steel stainless pipes.
2. Final products: bakery flour, superfine flour, wheat meal, pasta, and so on.
3. By-product: wheat bran for Animal feed.

Main parameters

Model HDF-200T Wheat Grinding Machine
Production Capacity 200T/24h
Main machines and processing techniques The pipe in milling section is stainless steel, and moisture bin is stainless steel
Final Products Super white flour
Products quality index 75%-90%
Power required (kW) Electricity 220V/380V/440V 3phase 50Hz/60Hz
Size of the workshop(L×W×H, m) 40x15x10m





Running 200T automatic maize flour milling machine

This Zambia 200T industrial automatic maize flour machine for milling maize is a complete line including cleaning to degerminating to milling to automatic packing and PLC controlling systems.
You can get the super white breakfast meal, roller meal, super maize flour, pure maize grits from this automatic 200 ton per 24 hours maize flour milling machinery.
We have put branch office in Lusaka, Zambia, welcome to see our maize flour machine which is processing and running now.

Running 200T automatic maize flour milling machine

This first photo is our 200ton/24h maize flour machine installed in Zambia for super white maize meal with advanced milling technology.                                  1. What is your advantage of 200 ton/24h maize flour milling machine automatic processing line? 

Running 200T automatic maize flour milling machine

  1. Adopting advanced Japan and America technology degerminating system, advanced degerminator making super white flour, super white maize meal
  2. Running by PLC controlling system, fully automatic maize flour milling line.
  3. All of the Pipes are stainless steel in milling section.
  4. Moisture dampener, stainless steel.
  5. Moisture bin, stainless steel.
  6. Professional design, good service, quick delivery.
  7. Durable quality and good customer feedback: Zambia customer first by 50t/24h maize flour milling machinery in 2009, then after one year, came to our factory and bought another 100t/24h maize flour milling machines and 2000T silos.
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