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Hongdefa Maize Milling Machine

Maize Mill and wheat flour mill that has a simple operation, high efficiency, and energy conservation.

maize mill

Maize Mill Milling Machine Production Plant Line

Hongdefa maize milling machine is a complete production line from cleaning, degerminating, milling to packing with all accessories.
This maize milling machine can produce super maize meal, refined maize meal, fine maize flour, super white maize flour to meet different client needs.

Wheat Flour Mill Production Plant Line

European standard 100-200T wheat flour mill milling machine will adopt 5-6 floor building, including the cleaning system, milling system to packing system with all accessories.
Hongdef flour mill system can mill hard wheat, soft wheat, and durum wheat to produce different kinds of final products, like noodle flour, bakery flour, semolina for Pasta.

wheat flour mill
10T per day maize mill machine

This maize milling line is a small capacity machine suitable for industrial production.

30T per day maize mill machine

This 30T per day maize milling plant is the most Cost-effective line which is most popular with clients.

50T per day maize mill machine

This series maize flour mill machine is usually designed in a steel structure or installed in a warehouse.

100T per day maize mill machine

Widely applied in large-scale maize flour milling plants in developing countries.

120T per day maize mill machine

PLC control System or Touch Screen Control system depend on client need, advanced technology and easy operate

150T per day maize mill machine

Maize milling machine Steel structure, discharging equally, low noise, good stability, easy operation, convenient maintenance etc

240T per day Maize Milling Machine

Large-scale milling plant, Chinese engineers guide the installation, free after-sales door-to-door service

300T per day Maize Milling Machine

Our Chinese experienced and professional engineers guide installation and teach located workers how to operate the machine.

500T per day Maize Milling Machine

Large-scale equipment of building structure, design technical drawings for you according to your actual conditions

Hongdefa factory

You can Learn More about Our Various Certificates, Services, etc.

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Hongdefa Machinery – Your Professional Maize Milling Machine Partner

Hongdefa is a professional manufacturer of maize milling machines.We have been established for nearly 40 years and have a variety of very mature mechanisms

  • Professional sales team, 24 hours non-stop response to you
  • The modern factory, covering an area of about 5000 square meters
  • Three overseas offices, it is more convenient to provide after-sales service to you
  • We can provide lifetime after-sales service

Hongdefa Maize Milling Machine

We installed in Africa, South America, South Asia and other places maize milling machine. We use a high-tech Pneumatic roller mill on this machine. And we can also design the drawings according to the size of your workshop, so as to make them more suitable for your workshop.

The complete set maize milling plant is composed of cleaning part, peeling & degerming, and grits/flour making part. From the corn, after being processed by this equipment, you can get high quality food materials such as low fat corn grits (size adjustable), corn flour, even high precision corn oil.

Hongdefa Maize Milling Machine Processing

whole maize—cleaning machine —gravity destoner—moisture damper–degerminator–roller mill—double bin sifter–packing machine–final products

Maize Milling Machine flow

Introduction to the single machine used in the complete set of equipment

Pneumatic roller mill, European standard machine, automatic running.

roller mill

Japan technology degerminator can remove the bran and germ better, produce high quality super white maize flour.


Stainless steel pipes of the milling section, have very long time lifetime than galvanized steel.

Stainless steel pipe

Maize Milling Machine Produce Super White Maize Meal, Maize Flour, Maize Grits, Maize Samp, customized design depend on your market needing

Delivery time and shipping by sea

The production period of our factory is about one month, and it will take about one month to ship the final payment by sea. So you can order our equipment according to the time you want the equipment

And the packaging we use for shipping can be done according to your requirements.

Hundreds of devices are installed all over the world

The 50T maize milling machine we installed in Mombasa, Zambia, and the 50T maize milling machine we installed in Abuja, Nigeria, are all running very well

And we will visit our customers regularly to check the operation of the equipment, whether there are any problems, etc.

Why Choose Us

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional flour mill and corn mill manufacturer, using European technology, South African corn process, China, 500kg / h to 50 tons / of different designs according to customer needs. We develop high quality machines up to the wheat process, flour mills and unique and innovative corn mill plants.

why choose us

We have installed our maize milling machine in so many countries around the world, especially in Africa.

We Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd is the one of the largest flour milling machine export company in China., who enjoys a good reputation.

And the feedback from our clients are very good.

Usually clients buy a small or middle capacity first, then after a few years they would like to buy a bigger capacity maize milling machine.

Sales And Service Network

For the maize milling plant, we mainly export to Africa and South America. Here are some successful projects of our maize milling plant.
maize mill projects
South Africa
1500t/24h maize milling machine; 30t/24h maize mill plant, etc.
150t/24h maize mill; 30t/24h maize mill; 10t/24h maize mill, etc.
200t/24h maize mill machine;150t/24h maize mill; 100t/24h maize mill; 50t/24h maize mill, etc.
240t/24h maize mill plant; 150t/24h maize mill plant; 100t/24h maize mill; 50t/24h maize mill, 30t/24h maize mill, etc.
100t/24h corn mill; 30t/24h corn mill, 10t/24h corn mill, etc.
200t/24h maize mill machine; 150t/24h maize mill; 100t/24h maize mill, etc.
100t/24h maize milling machine; 50t/24h maize milling machine, etc.
300t/24h maize milling; 200t/24h maize milling; 90t/24h maize milling; 50t/24h maize mill, etc.
DR Congo
70t/24h maize mill machine; 50t/24h maize mill machine; 30t/24h maize mill, etc.
50t/24h maize milling machine; 30t/24h maize milling plant; etc.
240t/24h maize mill; 100t/24h maize mill; 50t/24h corn mill, etc.
50t/24h maize milling machine; 30t/24h maize flour mill machinery, etc.
30t/24h maize mill; 20t/24h maize mill, etc.
20t/24h maize mill; 5t/24h maize mill, etc.
30t/24h corn flour mill machine, etc.
50t/24h maize flour mill plant, etc.
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