120T per day Wheat Mills

Technical for cleaning system

Three sieves,two beating,two removing stone, three magnetic selecting ,two moisture temper,and one .Wheat-brusher.
Technical for flour system
Three 10×4Milling,nine 10×2Milling, five Six -bin square sifter, five Purifier make up of 5B,7M,2S,2Tand 4Bran finishers.

Main parameters

Model HDF-120 Wheat Mills
Production Capacity 120T/24h
Main machines and processing techniques The pipe in milling section is stainless steel, and moisture bin is stainless steel
Final Products Super white flour
Products quality index 72%-85%
Power required (kW) Electricity 220V/380V/440V 3phase 50Hz/60Hz
Size of the workshop(L×W×H, m) 40×12×10





Hongdefa 120t/24h Wheat Mills

This is our 120t/24h wheat mills installed in Ethiopia. It can process 120tons raw wheat per 24hours. It is from A to Z, means from start to end. such as wheat cleaning-milling-sifting-packing-control system.
High-speed vibrating sieve
The sieve remove all of impurity from wheat in order to reduce pollution of dust and impurity to workshop,and then it can ensure retral equipment with good running.and meanwhile
aviod jaming of slip and wheat bin exit. And also the machine behind wheat scour, it is better for removing mud ,broken wheat,
small impurity,hair which form scourer.
maize cleaner

Touch Screen Smart Control System

It is the special equipment designed according to the power of the product line with function of protecting motor, giving alarm and easy control.

The final product of Hongdefa 120t/24h wheat mills

Our wheat mills can produce different sizes of wheat flour, wheat meal, fine flour, brown flour. and the final product can make bread, cake, biscuits, pasta and so on.
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