Wheat Flour Mill Machine
Hongdefa Wheat Flour Mill Machine

Wheat flour mill that has a simple operation, high efficiency, and energy conservation.

wheat flour mill

Wheat Flour Mill Production Plant Line

European standard 100-200T wheat flour mill milling machine will adopt 5-6 floor building, including the cleaning system, milling system to packing system with all accessories.
Hongdef flour mill system can mill hard wheat, soft wheat, and durum wheat to produce different kinds of final products, like noodle flour, bakery flour, semolina for Pasta.

Maize Mill Milling Machine Production Plant Line

Hongdefa maize milling machine is a complete production line from cleaning, degerminating, milling to packing with all accessories.
This maize milling machine can produce super maize meal, refined maize meal, fine maize flour, super white maize flour to meet different client needs.

maize mill
30T per day wheat flour mill

This series wheat flour milling machine is composed of cleaning part, grinding and flour making part, and packing part.

50T per day wheat flour mill

This 30T per day maize milling plant is the most Cost-effective line which is most popular with clients.

80T per day wheat flour mill

This series maize flour mill machine is usually designed in a steel structure or installed in a warehouse.

100T per day wheat flour mill

Widely applied in large-scale maize flour milling plants in developing countries.

200T per day wheat flour mill

Maize milling machine Steel structure, discharging equally, low noise, good stability, easy operation, convenient maintenance etc

120T per day wheat flour mill

PLC control System or Touch Screen Control system depend on client need, advanced technology and easy operate

Hongdefa factory

HongdefaFlour Mill Ceatificates,Vid

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Hongdefa wheat flour mill processing line

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wheat flour

China high quality automatic wheat flour machine

Wheat flour mill production line 60TPD 100TPD 120TPD 150TPD 300TPD 500TPD wheat mill machine with price
We can design Flour mill prices to process soft wheat, hard wheat, and durum wheat to produce grade 1 flour, grade2 flour, standard flour, semolina, and so on and adopt different technology to meet different client’s needs.
1. High quality with advanced technology. different configuration for different area
2. Lots of success stories, Egypt,Ethiopia,Zambia,Brazil.Angola,South africa, Nigeria
3. Professional design,Excellent after-sales service

Technical for cleaning system:

Three sieves, two beating, two removing stone and two magnetic selecting.

Technical Flow


big capacity wheat mill flow

Hongdefa’s shipping method

In years loading container experiance, before we load the goods, we will have a simulating loading about the goods, to confirm all goods load well as same time save spce. we will fix all the goods will in case shaking during sea transportation.


Hongdefa customer feedback

Usually, clients buy a small or middle capacity first, then after a few years they would like to buy a bigger capacity flour milling machine.

Example Case:

Egypt client buy the 60T/24h flour milling machine in 2007, then buy the 200T/24h milling machine in 2014.
Brazil client buy the 80T/24h milling machine in 2009, then buy the 250T/24h milling machine in 2014.
Zambia client buy the 50T/24h milling machine in 2013, then buy another 50T/24h milling machine in 2015.

Hongdefa After-sale service :

  • The free service warranty is five years, and we provide lifetime after-sales service
  • Overseas branch office good service are available.
  • Our Chinese experienced and professional engineers guide installation and teach located workers how to operate the machine.

Which capacity wheat flour milling machine do we have?

maize mill capacity remark
HDFM5 WHEAT MILL processing wheat 5ton per 24hours small capacity
HDFM20 WHEAT MILL processing wheat 20ton per 24hours small capacity
HDFM50 WHEAT MILL processing wheat 50ton per 24hours middle capacity
HDFM100 WHEAT MILL processing wheat 100ton per 24hours middle capacity
HDFM500 WHEAT MILL processing wheat 500ton per 24hours big capacity
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