50T per day Maize Flour Machine

This maize flour machine has two parts, the cleaning part consists of sieving, destoning, dampening, peeling machines, and the milling parts mainly use roller mills and double silo sifters.

This series maize flour machine is usually designed in steel structure or installed in a warehouse.

Our maize flour machine have scientific design and configuration, elegant appearance, high efficiency, low power consumption, low production costs, with low noise and zero pollution.


HDF-50 Maize Flour Machine
Production Capacity
50T per day
Main machines and
processing techniques
High efficiency vibration sifter, Destoner, Damper, Peeling machine, Embryo separator, Polisher, Grading machine, Roller mill, Double-selection plansifter, Super-micro-particle pulverizer
Products and
extraction rate (%)
Maize flour: 40-50%
Maize grits: 35-40%
Maize bran, coarse fodder:10-12%
Embryo: 8-10%
It can produce fine maize flour (all through 100M fiter)
Products quality index
Sand content: ≤0.02%
Fat content: ≤2.5%
Magnetic metal content: ≤0.003%
Moisture content: ≤13.5-14.5% (based on the raw maize according with national standard for raw grain storage)
Power required (kW)
Around 160
Size of workshop(L×W×H, m)




Hongdefa 50T per day Maize Flour Machine

50T per day Maize Flour Machines is middle capacity milling machine, which processing maize 50T per day.The technical flow for 50T per day is more advanced, it can use Japan Degerminator or American degerminator according to different useful of the germ.HDFM50 can make high quality super white maize meal,breakfast meal,roller meal,very good for making Fufu,Ugali,Unga etc Staple Africa food
50T per day Maize Flour Machines complete set ,specially design for Africa maize, making good super white maize meal,for making staple Africa food Ugali

It is the complete plant for maize cleaning section, dampering, degermiantoring, maize meal milling section, sifting, packing and control section.
Making maize flour, maize meal, maize grits, Farina/Semoule.
Project show for 50TPD maize milling factory in Africa.

50T per day maize flour machine

Advance Technology 50T per day Maize Flour Machine

The Principe of the technological designing: to choose the equipment should be guaranteed the demand of the craft function and various product quality, it is consisted by most advanced cleaning machine of China. The technological design is reasonable and adjusts vivid, strong adaptability, advance equipment, high automation degree, credibility function, economy and practicality, good cleaning part. Choose the most popular dry cleaning methods to process the maize to produce non-pollution maize meal and maize flour. The stability of the machines is strong, the function is credibility, economy and practicality, the quality of the maize meal and maize flour is stable, the index is the forerunner.

maize flour

Hongdefa After-service

We will provide you with a one-year supply of spare parts, and an engineer can also come to help install the equipment

We also provide after-sales service with five-year quality assurance and a three-year warranty. We have our own overseas offices in Ethiopia, Zambia, and Uganda, and it is very convenient for you to provide you with door-to-door service

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