150T per day Maize Flour Machine

150T per day Maize Flour Machine is running in So many Africa countries, such as Kenya, Zambia, South America, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and so on.
The technical flow for 150T per day Maize Flour Machine is more advanced, it can use Japan Degerminator and American degerminator according to different useful of the germ.
This corn flour mill plant can make high quality super white maize meal,breakfast meal,roller meal,specially design for Africa maize, making good super white maize meal,for making staple Africa food Ugali

Main parameters:
HDF-150T per day Maize Flour Machine
Production Capacity
150T per day
Main machines and
processing techniques
High efficiency vibration sifter, Destoner, Washer stoner, Damper, Peeling crusher, Embryo separator, Polisher, Grading machine, Roller mill, Multi-selection plansifter, Super-micro-particle pulverizer
Final Product
Different size of maize flour, maize meal, maize grits, germ and bran
Products quality index
Sand content: ≤0.02%
Fat content: ≤2.5%
Magnetic metal content: ≤0.003%
Moisture content: ≤13.5-14.5% (based on the raw corn according with national standard for raw grain storage)
Power required (kW)
Size of workshop(L×W×H, m)




150T per day Maize Flour Machine

Complete production line of maize milling plant
1. Maize Cleaning Section:

Maize Cleaner–Destoner–Magnetic– Separator–dampener– degerminator Ect.

Clean out the impurities, like maize stalk, maize cob, clod, iron, rope, to make the maize very clean to conform final flour quality pure, white and fine;

Stainless Steel Moisture Dampener: Bi-Directional Screw, An Intensive Intermixing, , Prevent Free Water, much durable lifetime 2-3 time of the normal material dampeners

Degerminator: “Japan technology” and “America technology” degerminator can Scrub The Bran Skin From The Maize Kernel, And To Dislodge The Germ From Its Cavity, insure you to produce super white maize meal which is best suitable for Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Nigeria, etc.

maize cleaner


Advantages of Hongdefa
Different countries have different requirements for the final product, such as in Zambia, people like breakfast maize meal; in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Nigeria, people like fine maize flour; but in Uganda/Rwanda/Burundi, people like super-fine super white maize flour. we can design the maize flour machine according to the needs of your local markets.


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