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Hongdefa has been established for decades and has studied in the field of food processing for nearly 50 years. The chairman of Hongdefa, Mr. Guo, is the first Chinese engineer to go abroad to install equipment. The first set of equipment exported by China is from Hongdefa Installed by the chairman

There are advanced processing equipment in Hongdefa factory, such as laser cutting machine, welding manipulator, etc., to ensure the accuracy of the final equipment

In addition, Hongdefa has 5 professor-level consultants, more than 20 senior engineers, and more than 90 workers. They can go abroad to guide the installation of equipment and conduct trial operations.

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Complete After-Sales Service System

We provide a five-year warranty for the equipment and a lifetime after-sales service system. From 2005 to 2019, Hongdefa will visit our old customers while installing new equipment every year, and help them repair the equipment operation problems.

Hongdefa can satisfy all kinds of mills

Just contact us and tell us your specific requirements, and our engineers can tailor your own process drawings for you.

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Spare Parts Supply

Each set of mill is equipped with spare parts enough for one year for you,It is completely free and we will also provide five-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service


We will tailor the drawings for you according to your local market and your specific situation

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