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Fully Automatic Small Scale Maize Mill Machine

Hongdefa Machinery has various qualification certificates, such as SGS, ISO, BV, etc. We can also declare according to the needs of your country, such as Kenya’s PVOC certificate, Nigeria’s SONCAP certificate, etc.

Our professional senior engineers can also design drawings that specifically meet your project according to your specific conditions, such as workshop size and building area.

Small Scale Maize Mill Machine for Specific Capacity

5T per day maize milling machine
This is our smallest maize mill machine , generally suitable for novices
10T per 24h small scale maize milling machine
Fully automatic PLC system control small scale maize mill machine
20T per 24h small scale wheat flour milling machine
Hongdefa most recommended machine in this small scale maize mill machine series, with high output, and super cost-effective
30T per 24h small scale maize milling machine
This Machine is our main machine for you
30T per 24h small scale wheat flour milling machine
This machine is of high quality and high capacity, which is the machine chosen by many customers

Hongdefa: Your Reliable maize mill and wheat mill Supplier in China

If you want to invest in a maize mill or wheat mill, our Hongdefa Machinery is your best choice

We can provide high-quality machines ranging from 500kg/h to 50ton/h according to customer needs. Adopting European technology, South American corn processing technology, Chinese wheat processing technology, and launching unique and innovative maize mill and wheat mill

Hongdefa factory
30T per day maize mill machine

Hongdefa Small Scale Maize Mill

High-quality small scale maize mill machine, Hongdefa manufactures different types of small scale maize mill machines from 10T/24h to 30T/24h, you can choose different capacity small scale maize mill machine.

Just send us your detailed project requirement, we will give you the best small scale maize mill machine solution.

We Have Other Equipment With Various Capacity
for You to Choose

100T per 24H maize milling machine for sale
Widely applied in large-scale maize flour milling plants in developing countries.
Large-scale milling plant, Chinese engineers guide the installation, free after-sales door-to-door service
300T per day maize mill machine
Our Chinese experienced and professional engineers guide installation and teach located workers how to operate the machine.



Advantages of Automatic Small Scale Maize Mill Machine

  • The maize mill machine is a complete production line from cleaning, degerminating, milling to packing with all accessories.
  • This maize milling line is a small capacity machine suitable for industrial production.
  • This maize milling machine can produce super maize meal, refined maize meal, fine maize flour, super white maize flour to meet different client needs.
  • Lifelong oversea services, Branch office —Lusaka/Zambia, —Kampala/Uganda, —Addis Ababa/Ethiopia
  • Since 1982,professional factory with rich experience
  • ISO, CE, BV, SGS COC, CAPSON Certificate Guarantee Quality
  • Patent for Degerminator, Classification Sifter
  • Complete Line From Cleaning–degerminating–milling–packaging–controlling system, Automatic, simple operation

small scale maize mill machine


Advanced Technology For complete set Maize Milling Machine line

● Stainless steel Pipes contact with the material, more durable, 5-10 years longer than the material of the galvanized sheet
● Stainless steel, Bin- direction screw, prevent free water, make sure the maize degerminating easy.
● Degerminator: Japan and South Africa Technology to scrub the maize germ, with the minimum reduction in the size of the broken fragments ensure produce super white, purity high-quality maize flour, maize meal, maize grits with low fat.
● PLC control system with realizing by touch screen, like the mobile, touch the screen control all the machines, More advanced and easy to operate

● Maize milling machine Steel structure, discharging equally, low noise, good stability, easy operation, convenient maintenance, etc


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