80T per day Wheat Mill Machine

Technical for flour system

Three sieves,two beating,two removing stone, three magnetic selecting ,two moisture temper,and one .Wheat-brusher.
Three 10×4Milling,nine 10×2Milling, five Six -bin square sifter, five Purifier make up of 5B,7M,2S,2Tand 4Bran finishers.

Main parameters

Model HDF-80 Wheat Mill Machine
Production Capacity 80T/24h
Main machines and processing techniques High efficiency vibration sifter, Peeling machine, Damper, Crusher, Embryo separator, Polisher, Roller mill
Final Products Super white flour
Products quality index 70%-80%
Power required (kW) 992kW
Size of the workshop(L×W×H, m) 27M×10M×17M




80T per day Wheat Mill Machine

Technology devices function
cleaning system 3 sieves,3 beating, 2 removing stone, 2 temper moisture and 3 magnetic selecting. This producing line adopts second moisture wheat technology. It can increases the toughness of coat and assures the complete of bran.
flour system 5B, 8M, 1S, 2T bounty in the middle, bran finish in the back, 3 purify. The characteristics of the technology are purifiers with wheat duster, assured more good quality wheat flow into the central mill. Assured flour rate and quality.
Packing part
workshop The workshop is ferroconcrete or steel platforms for 4 floors. The total length of workshop is 39.5m, 7.5 m width and 19.4m high. The total acreage is 1185 square meters. There are 6 raw wheat tanks and 6 moisture wheat tanks. A high level water tank is on the top of workshop, and there is a control water tank on the forth floor. These provide water for producing and fire protection












Installing fee: The Seller will send six technicians to install. The seller will pay for the engineers’ fly tickets.

The Buyer will pay for their salary 1000USD/month for each person and their cost of living 200USD/month

for each person. The Buyer in charge of fixes the engineer’s house and traffic.

Installing time: three months Delivery timing: 90 days after receive your L/C

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