20T per day Small Maize Milling Machine Cost

1. The plant was installed in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and other places for doing super white maize meal for doing Ugali, fufu, Sadza, and so on

2. This 20ton per 24 hours Small Maize Milling Machine is easy operation, suit for new beginner, low cost.


Mai parameters

Model HDF-20 Small Maize Milling Machine
Production Capacity 20T per 24h
Main machines and processing techniques High efficiency vibration sifter, Peeling machine, Damper, Crusher, Embryo separator, Polisher, Roller mill
Products and extraction rate (%) 72%-85%
Final Products Super Fine, Super White Maize Flour
Power required (kW) 380V, 50 Hz
Size of workshop(L×W×H, m) 13×5×4.5



                hongdefa CE certificate



What are the Specifications of the 20T per day Small Maize Milling Machine

1. Input maize –maize cleaner–maize moisture dampener –degerminator–roller mill–double bin sifter
–super maize meal/special maize meal/maize grits–packing
2. The control system: Control panel control or touch screen control
3. Pipe in milling section is stainless steel
4. auto-roller mill and double bin sifter
5. Japan Degerminator technology
6. European Condition dampener

This is the Flow Chart for 20T per day Small Maize Milling Machine

What is the final products?

The machines can produce super white maize meal, roller meal, breakfast meal, grits.It can produce maize into super white maize meal which can make Nshima, Ugali, Sadza, Fufu etc.

Please let us know which final products that you want, We will provide service for you 24 hours

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