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maize flour milling machine

Fully automatic Maize Flour Milling Machine

Hongdefa Maize flour milling machine, Choose state-of-the-art equipment with simple and safe operation, high efficiency, and energy savings.

We can provide safe and reliable design mode and rational installation by experienced engineers. Friendly pre-sale service, sales service, fast delivery, professional after-sales service. You will enjoy the full service.


Maize Flour Milling Machine for Specific Capacity

50T per day Maize Flour Milling Machine
This Maize Flour milling machine in series are generally designed for steel construction or installed in warehouses.
70T per day Maize Flour Milling Machine
Hongdefa maize flour milling machine is Dry milling technology save labor work.
100T per day Maize Flour Milling Machine
Fully automatic maize flour milling machine with high performance,easy operation and mantainence and energy saving.
120T per day Maize Flour Milling Machine
Hongdefa maize flour milling machine has High output rate of final products.And provide installation, staff training service.
150T per day Maize Flour Milling Machine
Widely applied in large scale maize flour milling machine plant in developing country
200T per day Maize Flour Milling Machine
Suitable for the investor who is planing to buld a long production line in maize flour milling machine

Hongdefa: Your Reliable Maize Flour Milling Machine Supplier in China

We are your best choice to invest in maize flour milling machine for you

Stainless steel damper, save water, much durable
Degerminator, scrub germ, and bran out to make final products super white and fine.
Stainless steel pipes contact final products, much cleaner and lifetime is 3 times than galvanized pipes
PLC control system, high technology with easy operation
Branch office and service center in Zambia, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

maize flour milling machin
maize flour milling machine

Hongdefa Maize Flour Milling Machine

Maize flour milling machine to produce”super fine ,super white maize flour”, in flour milling system design stainless steel pipes which lifetime is 3 times than galvanized pipes, more durable.
Modern and advanced touch screen control system, high technical with easy operation complete maize flour milling machine.

We Have Other Equipment With Various Capacity
for You to Choose

100T per 24H maize milling machine for sale
Widely applied in large-scale maize flour milling plants in developing countries.
Large-scale milling plant, Chinese engineers guide the installation, free after-sales door-to-door service
300T per day maize mill machine
Our Chinese experienced and professional engineers guide installation and teach located workers how to operate the machine.



Advanced Technology For complete set Maize Flour Milling Machine line


  • Maize flour milling machine complete production line from cleaning, degerminating, milling to packing and controlling system with all accessories.
  • Stainless steel Pipes contact with material, more durable, 5-10 years longer than the material of the galvanized sheet
  • Stainless steel, Bin- direction screw, prevent free water, make sure the maize degerminating easy.
  • Degerminator: Japan and South Africa Technology to scrub the maize germ, with the minimum reduce in size of the broken fragments ensure produce super white, purity high-quality maize flour, maize meal, maize grits with low fat.
  • PLC control system with realize by touch screen, like the mobile, touch the screen control all the machines, More advanced and easy to opertae.
  • Maize milling machine Steel structure, discharging equally, low noise, good stability, easy operation, convenient maintenance etc
    maize flour mill processing flow
You can let us know your land size or send us your land chart, we’d like to supply you a reasonable factory design.


Hongdefa China Maize Flour Milling Machine Factory

We are modernized professional factory with over 35-year experience
The head office of Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Wumashan industarial area, Zanhuang County, Shijiazhuang City, 4hours driving From Beijing.
Hongdefa has approximately 120 workers, a manufacturing factory 50000 square meters, and 5000 square meters of production workshop, 6000 square meters warehouses, 1000 square meters of office space.

Why Choose Us?

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery have more than 30years experience in milling market, we provide high quality machine from 500kg/h to 50ton/h with different design according to our client needs, with European technology, South Africa maize process, China wheat process, roll out unique and innovative wheat flour mill and maize milling plant.
The head office of Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co., Ltd is located 4hours driving from Beijing, where we have approximately 100employees, a manufacturing facility of 3000square meters, and 500 square meters of office space

why choose hongdefa

Hongdefa After-sales Serviers

  • Selling tips
    We will devise processing technology according to customer requests.
  • Equipment installation
    Our experts will advise you on installation, machine allocation, workshop construction and silo construction. We can also help you upgrade an old workshop, depending on your situation.
  • Technical Training
    Our specialists will train your plant staff. This ensures uninterrupted device operation and reduces downtime. This ensures the quality of the finished product.
  • Repair and maintenance
    Our expert technical team can help you solve the problem of flour production efficiently. We will inspect the device regularly and tell you how to use the device if necessary. The Lusaka office staff can visit your website or your car directly and give you personal advice.
  • Delivery of spare parts
    The first order will generally send you a used part that can be used within one year of the device’s operation. If new parts are needed in the future, they can be shipped directly from the Lusaka / Zambia office with a large warehouse and door-to-door delivery.

Hongdefa team

If you have any needs, please contact us immediately, we will serve you online 24 hours!

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