How does Hongdefa send engineers to Africa under severe epidemic conditions

How does Hongdefa send engineers to Africa under severe epidemic conditions

In the past 2019 and 2020, Hongdefa and Hongdefa customers have had a very difficult period.

In these 2 years, although our Hongdefa has won the hearts of customers and a large number of maize flour milling machine and wheat flour processing machine orders with excellent quality.

Hongdefa machinery

However, after the arrival of many customers’ flour milling machines, they were delayed to install, which caused our installation pressure to double.

Due to the epidemic, there are few flights, and even many flights have been suspended. The epidemic in China and the epidemic in Africa have prevented our Chinese engineers from going to Africa to complete the flour processing machines installation work.

Although we have done a lot of work online to guide the customer’s local engineers in the maize and wheat flour milling machines installation work, such as sending all the installation drawings to the customer, doing a lot of 3D drawings and animations, videos, and even direct face-to-face video guidance installation, but still can’t completely solve this installation problem.

For example, the installation of 300T/24H corn milling machinery, 120T/24H corn milling machinery, 100T/24H wheat flour processing machine in Zimbabwe, many sets of 100T/24H maize milling plant, and wheat flour milling plant in Ethiopia, 120T/24H corn milling machinery in Swaziland, 150T/24H maize milling plant in Malawi, etc. huge and complex projects that local African engineers cannot complete independently.

Hongdefa installed equipment

The huge pressure of installation caused both hongdefa’s engineers and the customer’s local engineers a headache.

Fortunately, at the beginning of 2021, China had vaccines. We Hongdefa received the vaccine as soon as possible, and all employees were vaccinated.

At the beginning of 2021, the epidemic has also eased due to the vaccine. Flights are gradually recovering and increasing.

Our hongdefa also sent engineers to Africa to install maize and wheat flour processing machines at the first time.

However, headaches also follow.

Such as expensive air tickets and meeting all the requirements for taking a flight.

Expensive air tickets have put a lot of pressure on our Hongdefa customers. For the benefit of our customers, we Hongdefa decided to check the number of appointed engineers to reduce the customer’s effort. The reduction in the number of engineers does not mean that the work will be reduced. On the contrary, the workload of the engineers will be greatly increased, but the decision is worthwhile.

Engineers need to apply for visas to Africa, and the embassy is very strict during this special period, which directly leads to the need for us to spend a lot of time to obtain visas.

Before taking a flight, engineers must do nucleic acid testing within 48 hours.

Time review is very strict, all we need to strictly enforce.

In addition, there are different requirements of various airlines.

The moment our Hongdefa engineers got on the plane, their journey had just begun.

The smooth completion of the maize and wheat flour milling machinery installation is something everyone is looking forward to.

Let our customers’ machines run smoothly and put into production, is our ultimate goal.

Hongdefa roller mill

When the engineers finished their work and was about to return home, another journey began.

We need to do nucleic acid testing locally with the help of our customers. After boarding the plane, you need to land in the transit country and do the nucleic acid test again. If the airport of the transit country does not have this capability, our engineers need to stay in the transit country for 3 days and 2 nights to wait for the test results.

The expenses in transit countries, such as accommodation, meals, testing, and transportation expenses, are all borne by Hongdefa.

At the moment the engineer landed in China, the airport bus will take the engineer directly to a specially isolated hotel for 14 days. After the quarantine, the engineer returned to his hometown and was quarantined in the hospital for 7 days before returning to his home.

All the above expenses shall be borne by hongdefa and the customer.

Although it is hard and difficult to go to Africa for installation and other work, everything we have done is worthwhile because we have been recognized by our customers and have given them great business help.

The success of their business is our Hongdefa happiest thing.

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