What is the difference between the wheat flour mill factory and the maize flour mill factory?

For the production of wheat flour mill and maize flour mill, the previous cleaning process is roughly the same. Both of them will use a gyratory vibrating sieve, high efficiency vibrating sieve, gravity component destoner and other equipment. The subsequent production has its own characteristics.

maize mill and wheat mill

The production of wheat flour mill is complex. It generally uses fine grinding and subdivision pulverizing process.the mill process is composed of bran, residue, core and tail mill and flour cleaning system. It alaways use the lighter mill force to keep the integrity of the wheat gran. At the same time, the detailed division of the labor is carried out for production to process, and the special treatment is carried out with different materials so that the bran and the endosperm can be separated ideally. It can improve the powder ratio and final product quality, it is the most suitable to produce high-quality flour.

It usually uses 4-5 bran mill( coarse and fine mill), 7-10 core mill(it can be appropriately increased when roller tables is used), 1-3 slag mill. The task of the bran mill system is to break the wheat, extract a certain amount of coarse grains, coarse flour and flour, and peel and scrape the bran. The task of the slag mill system is to scrape the endosperm adhered to the bran of coarse grain by bran milling system and powder cleaner. And put the high quality endosperm granules, and mill the high quality flour at the same time.

European standard Roller mill

The task of core mill system is mill the endosperm granules and coarse flour extracted in bran mill, slag mill and powder cleaning system into flour with a certain thickness and high quality. And to separate the fine bran crumbs of inferior quality. The task of the tail mill is to specially deal with the bran with endosperm extracted by each core mill. Scrape the remaining powder particles from the bran scraps, so as to improve the purity of materials in the core mill system. And the task of flour cleaning system is to divide bran, residue,and wheat residue, wheat core, and coarse from other systems into the bran, wheat residue and pure wheat core according to the quality. High quality flour is obtained by the above process.

Generally maize flour process technology: cleaning, conditioning, peeling,  degerminating, milling, sifting,final product.

maize flour mill processing flow

Accroding to market demand, customers can choose milling directly after degerminating and produce the final products required by the market.

At present, maize production has process of processing maize flakes, includes, raw materails, siftingand cleaning, conditioning, peeling and degerminating, milling, eatrusion ripening, cooling, table pressing, drying, cooling, final product packaging. This is a new development trend.

The raw materials of maize flakes must be peeled and degerminated. The maize must be broken into about 60 mesh fine particles. The powder enters the conditioner for premixing with steam, and then enters the extruder for curing and granulation. The curing degree is highly consistent, the particles uniform, and the shape is beautiful. The curing enters the tablet press after cooling, the tablet press adopts water cooling and constant temperature. It can avoid the adhesion effectively after entering the tablet press. Make the sheet more uniform and consistent in thickness. The equipment adopts hydraulic control to control the thickness of the final product, which is simple to operate and consistent in control accuracy.

wheat flour

After slicing, it enters the high-temperature air flow expansion. It can be fully expanded in a high-temperature air furnace at 300-320 for about two minutes. The surface bubbles are uniform and the color is attractive. It becomes the people’s favorite breakfast. This is the difference between the wheat flour mill factory and the maize flour mill factory

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