What Should You Prepare before Setting up a Flour Mill?

In 2017, relevant departments in Africa made statistics, due to the lack of food due to population growth.

So The flour milling business in Africa is booming, and wheat and corn are some of the cheapest food sources on the market.

According to statistics, the processing capacity of sub-Saharan African countries increased by 12% from 2014 to 2017.

So what are the precautions for opening a flour mill? Here is some information you need to know.

Market Research

The first thing to do is to research the market.

Understand what kind of flour is currently needed in the local and other surrounding regional markets, and then determine which group or region of which one’s flour is sold, whether to produce high-end flour or mid-range flour, what requirements for gluten content, moisture, and ash content need to be met, and know what to do, To provide a basis for future flour processing technology and equipment selection.

Source of Raw Grain

Maize raw grain

Through market research, grasp the nature of the raw grains in the local and surrounding areas (such as whether the wheat is durum or soft wheat) and prices.

Then compare with the price of imported raw grains, and select raw grains that are suitable for the sales area. In order to reduce the cost of raw grain transportation.

Factory Select Address

In principle, the site selection of the factory should choose a place with convenient transportation and convenient access for raw grains and finished products. Areas such as dust, insect pests, chemical, and radioactive pollution should be avoided.

At the same time, understand the local government’s policies and regulations on land acquisition and environmental protection. So choose to adapt to their own site.

Plant Planning


Don’t design the plant hastily, but discuss with the professional scientific research unit to formulate a feasible plan for the plant.

Including the division of living and production areas.

The living area includes staff dormitories and green space construction.

The production area includes the planning of office buildings and production plants.

The office building design should meet the needs of various functional departments, especially the needs of raw food and finished product laboratories.

In addition, it is necessary to take care of the staff locker room and canteen.

In the design outside the plant, if raw grain needs to be stored, the storage capacity and location of the silo must also be planned.

The plant includes a cleaning part, a grinding part, a powder making part, a powder mixing part, a packaging part, and a finished product storage part.

Process and Machine Selection

120T maize mill plant

Through the above research, actively discuss with professional design agencies to determine the process suitable for their own enterprise.

At the same time, according to the process, inquire about the qualification and reputation of various equipment professional manufacturers, and consult the equipment prices through the manufacturers.

Take wheat flour as an example, including the following main equipment prices, storage equipment (silos), plane rotary screen, high-efficiency vibrating screen, wheat distributing device, flour mill, high square flat screen, flour cleaning machine, flour distributing device, packaging scale and Other auxiliary equipment such as conveying, magnetic separation, fan, etc., compare prices to find equipment suitable for your own enterprise.

Network Application

With the development of society and the widespread use of network technology, companies must consider when building factories and establish and improve their own quality network control from raw grains to finished products.

The various rules and regulations are displayed through the network so that each functional department clarifies its responsibilities and strictly controls the quality of each batch of products.

And then improve the company’s sales network, promote the company’s products, and use the Internet to achieve the purpose of promotion.

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